The Big Read: Too much information

Joy usually comes in the morning. But this past Sunday I woke up troubled by a million doubts.

The Big Read: In the bungle, the mighty bungle

Monday: somewhere in Africa. (Assistant director says I should name a specific place because "Africa is not a country". This seems incredibly racist to me: so far Africa seems like a very nice country, with roads and shops and airports and everything. Will have a word with him about his bigotry.)

The Big Read: Zille just keeps on digging

Western Cape premier and former DA leader Helen Zille faced a leadership moment last week.

Cops under scrutiny as sensational murder trial starts

Like a return to the screen of a favourite television series, with a whole batch of new episodes, another sensational murder trial gets under way today.

The Big Read: You must have made it big if you are too busy for golf

Taking the afternoon off for a round of golf or enjoying a beach holiday in a five-star resort once were signs of having made it.

'Spur bully' is not indicative of who we are as a nation

The tragedies of South Africa are writ large and small, with the latest being that of the racist bully at a Spur restaurant.

The Big Read: Notes from the Underground

Have you ever caught the tube in London around midnight on Saturday when the flower of English adulthood is lurching its way shit-faced home or to some atrocious further revelry?

Big man at the top of the beanstalk came crashing down

Such is the level of distrust in the government that the belief that senior political players were behind the weekend break-in at the Chief Justice's office grew faster than the fairy-tale plant in Jack and the Beanstalk.

The Big Read: Ah, let's go to the hop

I sat down recently to write something that matters to me in deep ways, although I don't always like to admit that to myself because fear looms larger when you admit that something matters.

The Big Read: Charge of the erudite brigade

When we walked through the swinging doors of the saloon the locals looked up and narrowed their eyes, and their hands twitched over their quiz pencils.

OPINION: The sanctity of individual liberty

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains‚ but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” - Nelson Mandela.

The Big Read: Lessons from the space age

Seldom does a movie audience spontaneously applaud a film they had just watched. You felt the goose-bumps on the skin and the lump in the throat throughout the 127-minute movie.
Euro, Hong Kong dollar, U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, British pound and Chinese 100-yuan banknotes are seen in a picture illustration

It's not just banks that are involved in rigging prices

It's been widely reported that 15 foreign banks and three South African banks have been referred by the Competition Commission to a tribunal for prosecution.

The Big Read: A game of Russian roulette

Sailing around the "uttermost part of the earth", to borrow a description of Tierra del Fuego, en route to the Antarctic is, midst the roaring oceans, helpful to develop a bracing perspective on the world and its frontiers.

The Big Read: The numbers leave us number

When parliament gathers tomorrow, and the Speaker invites the minister of finance to address the House, and Brian Molefe stands up, and Jacob Zuma hisses, "Not yet, Brian!" and Pravin Gordhan politely clears his throat, South Africans won't understand a word that comes out of his mouth.

The Big Read: Finance minister always walks the path of the damned

It is always an occasion. It can be a happy occasion, as the heady days of 4% to 5% economic growth under Trevor Manuel's stewardship were. Those were the days.

The Big Read: Take a bow, Robin Hood

The man in the green hood steadies his heartbeat and tests the breeze one last time.

OPINION: How fake news is driving SA's political agendas

On Friday the 20 January 2017 the unwitting Twitter user may have been inclined to believe that respected South African journalists were suddenly squaring up against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

COMMENT: Time for Ford to do the right thing by the consumer‚ and quickly

The global car manufacturer has missed a critical opportunity to do right by its customers‚ but it’s not too late to make amends‚ writes Janine Hills‚ founder and CEO of Vuma Reputation Management.

We ignore this horrific practice at our peril

When we thought that every horror that could be imagined in South African society had already reared its head, along comes an apocalyptic nightmare.

The Big Read: Phone calls liberate us from ourselves

Ninety-one percent of American teenagers do not use their smart phones for making voice calls. The number of phone calls made in the world has dropped consistently every year since 2007.

Editor's Comment: Whose to blame for the 94 patient deaths? We are all to blame

There are 94 reasons why the book is not closed on the scandal of Gauteng's mental health patient policy.

Prosecutor Nel's move is in the interests of justice

Top prosecutor Gerrie Nel's departure from the National Prosecuting Authority to head up an AfriForum-backed private prosecution team is set to shake up the justice system.

The Big Read: Too many rivers to cross?

It was an odd decision by rock star prosecutor Gerrie Nel to resign from the National Prosecuting Authority to join the controversial AfriForum to pursue private prosecutions on its behalf. has shown up the police

SJ Probert, by e-mail: Why shoot the messenger? What did was nothing short of the work our police are supposed to do.

‘Lemonade’ ain’t made to be sweet

When Beyoncé debuted her hour long Lemonade “visual album” on HBO almost two weeks ago, everyone in the world seemed to lose their minds.

Why nobody smiles in an ID photograph

In this place even the biblical Job would have snapped. The man known for his legendary patience would not survive a morning at the Maynard Mall offices of Home Affairs in Wynberg, Cape Town.

Trump's ignorance won't save him from history lesson

There's a sense of horrified awe in witnessing the Trump tsunami unfolding in the US as the newly inaugurated president tears through his country's democratic traditions.

The Big Read: A tangled web she weaves

For the beleaguered ANC the rise of a high-calibre woman leader should lead to rejuvenation of the body politic. But sadly, for the woman touted to be the next party president after Jacob Zuma ends his second term, there are questions and lots of red flags.
Matthew du plessis

iScream louder on the inside

Matthew du Plessis: Jim knocked on the door of Anderkant Engineering.

Buffs get kicks from trash flicks

You'd think the prospect of bad acting, a terrible script and rock-bottom directing would put movie buffs off. But if Madrid's CutreCon trash film festival is anything to go by - you'd be wrong.