Fake news that almost gave us heart attacks this year

Every now and then there's that headline that has you doing a double take, at times you may even skip a heart beat until you read some more (and check Twitter) then realise the story is fake!

Here's how actress Enhle Mbali finished top of her class in America

Actress Enhle Mbali needed a little "reassurance" that her acting was up to scratch, and so she decided to go to school to study the craft further.

Everything you need to know about Vusi Nova in 5 minutes

Vusi Nova is known for his soulful voice and soft ballads, and although he's been in the industry for quite years, there's some things about him that he's managed to keep private. Until now that is!

Levels! Why Black Coffee pretty much runs the world right now

From famous friends to massive international collabs, is there a bigger South African musician than Black Coffee at the moment?
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