Inside A Massmart Holdings Ltd Game Store

Game stores recall 'full HD' TVs that aren't

After initially defending its sale of Telefunken TV sets incorrectly marked as “Full HD”‚ Game stores have now removed the mislabelled stock from sale.

It's high time you got alarmed

If your teenage son lives in an outbuilding on your property, do you have to lock and alarm your home even when he's there?

Don't call us‚ we'll call you‚ and we'll make sure you get help: Credit Ombud

It’s one thing getting free advice and help‚ but when you’re forced to access that free service with a cellphone's pre-paid airtime‚ you can run out of airtime before you get it.

Emirates working on solution to electronics ban on international flights

Emirates passengers affected by a security ban on electronic devices larger than smart phones will be able to work on laptops or tablets right up until boarding time‚ before being made to part with them.

How the electronics ban on flights will affect SA travellers

South Africans who are booked on flights to the United States via Dubai or one of the US’s other “high risk” cities from this Saturday until mid-October will have to make sure that their laptops‚ tablets‚ games consoles and cameras are fully insured.

Buying a car? Take a closer look at that contract

If you are thinking about buying a car, especially a used car, this story should motivate you to pay very close attention to the paper work.

Need a loan? Here’s what not to do

Shopping for a loan online is about as risky as looking for love online - the chances of you ending up poorer are very high indeed‚ because the internet is the perfect hunting ground for fraudsters.

FNB to close its safe custody box facilities

First National Bank has decided to stop providing “safe custody” storage in its branches.

Meet Cape Town's 'Dr Biltong'

It's official - South Africa’s foremost authority on how to make the best biltong is a 27-year-old woman from Cape Town - and she has a doctorate to prove it.