An employee signing a contract

A new info scandal: Companies can deny you access to that voice recording

Imagine signing a contract with a company - a cellphone contract, say - in one of its stores, and as you put your signature to the paperwork the sales assistant snatches it away.
A pug dog is dressed up in costume as she trick or treats with her owners during Halloween in Encinitas

Durban woman becomes victim of ID theft after falling for puppy scam

When Julien Armstrong-Kelly was conned out of more than R5‚000 after she tried to buy a puppy online‚ the KwaZulu-Natal resident was horrified.

Consumer protectors probe in R3.5 billion a year timeshare industry

National Consumer Commissioner Ebrahim Mohamed didn't hide his disgust at the conduct of major holiday clubs operating in South Africa when announcing a new public enquiry into the “timeshare” industry today.

Man battling terminal cancer struggles for timeshare reprieve

Even when a long-time “timeshare” owner is diagnosed with incurable cancer‚ it can be a battle to escape their “lifetime” contracts.
South African Airways Acting Chief Executive Officer Nico Bezuidenhout Demonstrates Airliner Catering Stripping Operation

SAA rethinks seatbelt policy after ‘obese’ incident

South African Airways (SAA) is to review its seatbelt extension procedures after one passenger’s humiliation when an aircraft had to “return to ramp” because it had failed to provide her with one.

Perfect the art of saying sorry

There's nothing like getting a heartfelt apology to make you let go of the pain and frustration of being wronged in some way.

Ombud report confirms behaviour suggesting some insurers ‘looking for reasons not to pay' valid claims

Long-Term Insurance Ombudsman Ron McLaren has confirmed what consumers have long accused the industry of - “behaviour that suggests that the insurer is…looking for reasons not to pay what appears to be a valid claim”.

Consumer goods ombud looks to High Court to get businesses to pay up

The future of the Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman (CGSO) - a vital dispute resolution service for consumers who feel their rights have been rubbished by retailers - is at risk because thousands of businesses are refusing to register and fund it.
A customer pays a hefty R420 per kilo for their favourite snack without knowing the price. Most biltong outlets don't display the price per kilogram.

Biltong retailers failing to behave in good taste

If you don't know how much a kilogram of your favourite Wet and Fatty, Traditional or BBQ will cost you, there's a reason for that — most biltong retailers don't display their prices because the prices will scare off customers.

The trouble with EFTs: If you transfer money to the wrong account, you may not get it back

The problem with processes that are quick and easy is that it's also easy to make a mistake - as many do, every day, when doing electronic funds transfers (EFTs).