Ford extends warranty of ‘inf(l)amous’ Kuga by two years

In a bid to reassure and compensate Kuga owners and off-set the plummeting value of the inf(l)amous SUV‚ Ford South Africa has extended its original warranty by two years or 80‚000 kilometres.

“How can I make some noise?” Meet Kelly Fraser‚ who took on a banking giant

"You can lead a giant group of people at any age if you have passion and commitment."
FILE PHOTO -  The logo of Hyundai Motor is seen on a wheel of a car at a Hyundai dealership in Seoul

Who the heck is George? - Glass fitment centre hands car keys to mystery man

Companies, or rather the people who work for them, make mistakes - it's human and it's inevitable, and no one should expect them to get everything right all the time.

The trouble with the RAF - One road accident victim shares her struggle to get her pay-out

It’s been almost six years since “Gugu’s” body was crushed in a car accident‚ leaving her with a limp.

Oops! Our crash, your problem

Tony Kinsey of Durban had had his brand-new SUV for just three weeks when, late last month, he sent it back to the dealership to have some minor cosmetic issues sorted out.

Surprise! Your meal is on us – How a restaurant made tired mom’s day

And now for a feel-good South African restaurant bill story…

Left in the lurch over visas

For South Africans with children, siblings and cousins who have emigrated, visiting them is a very costly exercise indeed, given the price of air tickets and the devalued rand.

Kuga: Ford CE Jeff Nemeth beating out the flames

Ford SA has finally gone some way to acknowledging its failure to warn its Kuga 1.6 model customers about the risk of the vehicle overheating and catching alight‚ despite knowing about many such cases.

Ford Kuga sales drop by 50%

Ford Kuga SA sales plummeted by 50% in January compared to the previous month as consumer outrage grew over continuing reports of the family SUV’s catching on fire.

Kuga-on-fire moves to New Zealand

While Ford Kugas were going up in flames on South African roads in December‚ at least one New Zealand Kuga owner has had the same experience.

BREAKING NEWS: Road Accident Fund's bank account attached, payouts frozen

“Sorry‚ you can’t be paid - our bank account has been attached by the Sheriff of the Court.”