If opting for lay-by‚ check that store’s policy is CPA compliant

Lay-by signs are popping up in the windows and at the pay points of many a chain store as struggling retailers embrace the interest-free payment model in a bid to entice consumers with maxed-out credit cards and tainted credit records.

Wait! Only 36% of your beef burger may be the real stuff

They are the country's biggest-selling frozen beef patties but a close look at the packaging reveals that they are not very beefy at all - just 36% beef.

Car spares warranty saga can make you go spare

I don't know how the car spares industry got the idea that its products are exempt from the warranty provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, but six years on it's getting really tiresome.

Kuga sales down but Ford stays strong in SA car market

Ford Kuga sales have tanked but the iconic US brand has held its market share on other models.

South Africans to apply brakes on new car sales

If you're in the market for a new set of wheels‚ now is not the time to buy.
FILE PHOTO: Clothes are displayed on hangers in a Marks & Spencer shop in London

When the price is too nice: Careful — what you see is not always what you get

Can you demand that a store gives you a product at the advertised or displayed price?
Inside A Massmart Holdings Ltd Game Store

Exposed: more falsely labelled 'high definition' television sets found in SA

It has emerged that it was not just one Telefunken television set that was falsely labelled as being Full High Definition (HD). Game is also not the only retailer that has sold televisions that claim to be Full HD.
President Jacob Zuma delivers his State of the Nation Address in Cape Town

Planning to skip work for the protests on Friday? Read this first

If you're planning to march in a planned national shutdown on Friday‚ get it cleared with your boss.

SA 'up there with the best' recycling plastic bottles

Many South Africans are under the impression that we don’t have much of a recycling culture‚ but when it comes to plastic bottles‚ we’re up there with the best in the world.

More fakes on the make

There's no escaping fakes - fake banknotes, fake degrees, fake designer handbags, fake leather sofas.if it's in demand, someone will find a way to fake it.