Former baby Broederbonder gets nod to become a judge

Despite having been a member of the youth wing of the Broederbond during the apartheid era, Willem van der Linde SC has been recommended to the president for appointment as a judge in the Gauteng division of the High Court.

Shot in the foot again

A controversial bill aimed at regulating the security industry- punted by the government as necessary for national security, and which will require that 51% control of foreign-owned security companies be transferred into South African hands - could cripple the economy and cost nearly 900000 jobs, analysts warn.

Mugabe puts 'candidate' Hillary in her place

Democratic US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's criticism of President Robert Mugabe's anti-gay address to the UN last week was above her pay grade, according to Zimbabwe's presidential spokesman.

Noah record for Comedy Central in SA

Comedian Trevor Noah's debut as host of The Daily Show after the departure of Jon Stewart has given Comedy Central its highest-ever rating in South Africa.

ANC banking on Pascoe the poacher in next year's poll

A former DA heavyweight in Cape Town, Grant Pascoe, is the ANC's secret weapon for next year's local elections, tasked with poaching members of his former party.

Madonsela wants end to doubt on her powers

The Constitutional Court is to be asked to clarify whether the public protector's findings in respect of remedial action are binding.

'Little hope for cash-strapped Vaal municipality'

Emfuleni local municipality is broke.

Business confidence hits bottom

The Business Confidence Index fell to its lowest in 22 years in September, reflecting companies' worries about sub-par domestic and global economic growth.

Naledi puts foot in theory

Big brains were believed to have led the evolutionary charge to becoming human, but a new study suggests it might have been the foot that evolved first.

Life's a beach in the Blue

Life is a beach in Cape Town after the city retained pole position with the highest number of Blue Flag beaches in South Africa.

'Fat day? This is a fat decade'

You can follow the exact diet and exercise plan your parents used in the 1980s but you will still be heavier than they were at the time.

Putin 'sending in troops'

Nato yesterday rejected Moscow's explanation that its warplanes violated the airspace of alliance member Turkey at the weekend by mistake and said Russia was sending ground troops to Syria and building up its naval presence.

SA's most exclusive estates for super-rich revealed

The Zimbali estate in KwaZulu-Natal has been rated South Africa's most exclusive estate for 2015 by Hurst & Wills and New World Wealth, a global wealth intelligence and market research company.

ANC 'deepening community participation' ahead of local government elections

The ANC is trying to deepen community participation in candidate selection processes ahead of next year's local government elections.

SA braces for 'mother of all stay-aways' as Cosatu stages marches in all provinces

Cosatu will embark on the "mother of all stay-aways" on Wednesday when it stages marches in all nine provinces to protest against higher taxes, e-tolls and job losses among other things burdening the working class.

'Spies can take over phone with an SMS'

British spies can hack into phones remotely with a simple text message and make audio recordings or take photos without owners knowing, former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden said.

Cope wishes Tutu happy birthday

“May the Lord rain his choicest blessings on this darling son of South Africa‚ and this true and remarkable servant of the church. Happy birthday to you and so say all of us!”

More than 100 mine workers retrenched

At least 174 workers at Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine (RBplat) in Rustenburg have been retrenched, the company said on Tuesday.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to be set up in Africa

Establishing Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Africa will ensure the continent is not caught by surprise with an outbreak such as Ebola.

Neutrino breakthrough wins Nobel physics prize

A Japanese and a Canadian scientist have won this year's Nobel prize for physics for discovering that elusive subatomic particles called neutrinos have mass, opening a new window onto the fundamental nature of the universe.

Drunken brawls on an ice cap

Breathalysers might be used to curb alcohol abuse among scientists at US bases in Antarctica following reports of "unpredictable behaviour" caused by excessive drinking, including indecent exposure and fights.
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